PaxeraUltima is a powerful browser-based, all-encompassing multi-modality medical viewer that delivers a consolidated work list and an easy to use universal viewer with a full spectrum of diagnostics and reporting tools – all from a single login.


PaxeraUltima comes with an enhanced Paxera-3D and incorporates the latest radiological tools including critical results notification module that improves effectiveness of communication among caregivers, an advanced Peer-Review module that incorporates into the daily clinical workflow, a built-in ED-Rad discrepancy panel and a secure image sharing to social media that conforms with IHE standards. PaxeraUltima also features a patient history timeline that presents a graphical representation of the patients clinical history and allows the radiologist to interactively select any study without returning to their work list.



  • Ultra-fast streaming technology, no more waiting while studies are rendering
  • User-friendly design and easy to use
  • Share studies via a unique URL, viewable on Paxera Zero Footprint Viewer
  • Compare multiple studies in one window and navigate between current and prior studies seamlessly
  • Highly scalable, it will grow with your facility
  • E-mail anonymized images directly from the study viewer
  • Burn CD/DVDS and export studies effortlessly
  • Import DICOM and non-DICOM files, including jpegs, pdfs, bitmaps and more
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Smart built in hanging protocols and option to build your own
  • Advanced reporting tool with built in dictation, customized templates and ability to add images
  • Business analytic tools to monitor workflow within the facility
  • In this section use 3 snapshots (Work list view, measurement, CT study) see attached


  • View studies anywhere, anytime on your laptop or mobile device
  • Embedded zero footprint viewer (ZFP) that requires no downloads, installations, or plugins.
  • Studies can be retrieved with iPad/iPhone via the robust iPaxera app.

Streamline Workflow

Daily workflow requirements are streamlined through smart filters, protocols, and full customization of the viewer’s interface. The graphical timeline of the patient’s clinical history enables imaging professionals to interactively view prior studies, and compare current prior studies side by side, without returning to the work list.

Share and Collaborate

Innovative functionality enables multiple ways for secure image sharing that comply to IHE standards, including through a unique URL, directly via email, cloud drives, and social media platforms. Communication within the facility becomes a breeze with the ability to assign studies, send messages to other users or groups of users, and to share studies via the online chat feature.

Highly secure

  • Fully HIPAA compliant architecture designed with the most stringent file transfer security standards
  • Dedicated servers with premium SSL encryption up to 256-bit for maximum security
  • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) for real time accessibility and enhanced security, verifies user’s presence during account login, automatically logs-off once users step away from the workstation.

Modality Specific Tools

  • Integrated advanced visualization tools including multi-planar reconstruction (MPR) and MIP.
  • Supports standard and tomosynthesis mammography studies, view CAD files with nipple alignment and FROC curve, and advanced structural reporting tool
  • Built in CT-PET fusion toolbox and SUV measurement
  • Hounsfield number for CT scans
  • Automatic spine labelling, position synchronization, and auto-link CT and MR images
  • Fetal measurements and chiropractic tools
  • Support Cardiac imaging with cine tool, ECG waveform viewer,


PaxeraUltima provides a seamless transition to cloud PACS with an easy payment model and cloud plans starting from 99 Cents per study, which eliminates initial investment in both software and hardware. Users can sign up online and begin reading studies from the cloud within 24 hours. The cloud plans enables access to sophisticated technology without the maintenance cost and comes in several flexible cloud storage capacity on dedicated servers with premium SSL encryption up to 256-bit for maximum security, clients can experience the solution first-hand by activating a 30 day trial account with 10 GB of online storage at no charge.


View studies on cloud, store and share securely

Cloud PACS Plans

Free 30 days trial account with 10 GB online storage


An affordable way to test drive cloud PACS


Ideal for practices with less than 500 studies monthly


Our most popular plan, start today with a dedicated server


Upload and diagnose up to 1500 studies monthly


Get up to 2TB with low study fee


Exclusive discount for high volume facilities

Key features Pay As You Go Single Practice Professional Premium Platinum Enterprise
Online storage space 10GB 60GB 320GB 600GB 2TB 4TB
Unlimited study sharing
Advanced diagnostic tools
& multi-monitor
Integrated reporting tools
with dictation
Supported Browsers
Minimum monthly volume 250 studies 500 studies 1000 studies 1500 studies 2000 studies
Supported OS Windows, Linux1, Mac1 Windows,
Linux1, Mac1
Linux1, Mac1
Linux1, Mac1
Linux1, Mac1
Linux1, Mac1
99.99% Uptime guarantee
Credit card payment supported
PAXERAUP2DATE Server monitor module
Dedicated server
iPad/ iPhone mobile viewer
Free 20/7 support
Zero footprint viewer for clinical viewing
256bit SSL encryption Add-On Add-On
Payment method Credit cards, PayPal Credit cards, PayPal Credit cards, PayPal, Wire transfer Credit cards, PayPal, Wire transfer Credit cards, PayPal, Wire transfer Credit cards, PayPal, Wire transfer
1-Zero-footprint for clinical viewing


What is PaxeraUltima Cloud?

PaxeraUltima is a web-based application that offers anytime/ anywhere access to image reviewing, processing and reporting capabilities, the cloud solution frees your facility from the cost of buying new servers and storage hardware as you grow and eliminates hardware/ software obsolescence.

PaxeraUltima makes it easy for users to perform all functions needed to satisfactorily diagnose studies and write reports. Radiologists can log-in remotely, filter and select studies, view images, customize hanging protocols preferences, use the array of provided tools to apply measurements, annotations, images manipulation such as (WW/WL, zoom, pan, rotation, reversing, color remapping, magnifying tool, body marks,… etc), and use the interactive advanced visualization tools such as MIP/MPR to better analyze large number of images.

The cloud solution also enables radiologists to write or dictate reports with options to save or send the report to referring physicians. Users can also archive studies on different CD/DVD medias and print on DICOM or Windows printers,

PaxeraUltima is a generation ahead of existing technologies, the solution’s unmatched retrieval speed and the easy interface are hallmarks that have distinguished ULTIMA from other tele-radiology solutions.

Will Ultima work with my existing PACS system ?

The browser-based solution is DICOM compliant and will work with virtually any type of PACS.

How secure are my data on cloud servers ?

We take extraordinary measures to provide our clients with security when using our cloud model. We use mainly a dedicated servers with premium SSL encryption up to 256-bit. Your will be logged via dedicated registration protected domain names and are fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring the highest level of protection for user data, For data in transit, the cloud peer to peer storage traffic is isolated to a private network not accessible or visible to users. PaxeraUltima also features auto-log-off for unattended computers and automated managed backup. All our servers are monitored by PAXERAUP2DATE© for 24/7 servers monitor to maximize uptime and high availability.

What is a Dedicated server?

A Dedicated Server is reserved exclusively for the account and usage of a single customer. This means that the Dedicated Server customer has rights to their server’s bandwidth, memory, and storage space, and performance is not affected by traffic and the usage patterns of other customers.

When you purchase a Dedicated Server, you are actually leasing a server box that is configured and set up according to your preferences, but remains at our data center. A Dedicated Server account provides you with a dedicated IP address and full control of server usage and software installation, with admin (root) access to the server.

Where are your data centers located, how are they managed ?

We use multiple data centers located in the U.S. that operate at 20Gbps, the centers are connected to multiple diverse upstream providers with full redundant UPS power systems, multiple power paths and network connectivity for maximum stability.
We incorporate the best-in-class networking at data centers. Network operations are managed by 24/7 onsite staff with fully automated enterprise-class backup and restore technology.
Data centers are secured with state-of-the-art security technology and 24/7advanced monitoring system.

How is PaxeraUltima licensed?

PaxeraUltima is offered on a monthly subscription basis

What if I dont meet minimum studies condition ?

If you dont meet minimum study volume for your selected plan, you will be automatically charged with same plan rate of which your studies volume falls at. i.e… if you subscribe for “Premium plan” but your volume were under 1000 studies monthly studies, you will automatically be charged at “professional plan” rate.

Can I upgrade or downgrade from my current plan ?

Yes, PaxeraUltima offers the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing facility needs. You can switch to a different plan anytime, just notify sales department with the plan you want to switch to

What if I want to host studies on my local sever?

PaxeraUltima offers different flexible hosting options including the ability to host on your local server, the prices herein reflects cloud hosting plans. Please contact one of our product specialists for local hosting pricing.

What happens to data stored if I cancel my account?

After your cancellation notice, studies data will be stored till the end of billing cycle, normally end of each month. You are able to migrate your stored data to your local server or media such as CD/DVDs any time during your subscription or till the end of billing cycle from your cancellation notice date. After this period, Paxeramed will automatically delete all stored studies from the cloud servers.

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