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iPaxera is one of the fastest and easiest to use PACS viewing applications. It is specifically designed to view and navigate studies (DICOM images) from an iPad or iPhone. iPaxera was the first application to allow users to directly add studies through local synchronization from a PC/Mac, DICOM CD, or from flash memory. There’s no need for a Wi-Fi/3G connection or a PACS server— it is just like syncing your photos through iTunes with a USB cord.

iPaxera can also communicate with any PACS via DICOM Query/Retrieve and has direct interface with PaxeraUltima (Paxeramed’s web-based PACS).

iPaxera enables radiologists to retrieve their studies from anywhere. Radiologists can diagnose on lunch break or vacation time, dictate, or write reports via the embedded reporting tool, and then send reports by email or save them with studies.


iPaxera supports DICOM Cine (multi-frame) with interactive playback controls and can be very helpful in displaying cardiac cath and echo studies.

iPaxera keeps your studies locally in an interactive worklist with the ability to search it using specific search criteria. The study visual grid displays detailed study information that includes name, ID, DOB, study description, study date, modality, gender, accession number, series description, series date, and number of images/series. Search criteria include searching by patient name, ID, modality type, and date (All, Today, Yesterday, 2 days, 1W, 2W, 1M and 2M).

The application has easy to use processing tools, like window width and leveling with visual presets, distance measurement, panning, zooming, free rotation, snapshot capture, and fast navigation for images/series.

Key Features:

  • Study synchronization via iTunes in DICOM format.
  • Query /Retrieve DICOM studies with any PACS system.
  • Reporting tool to write the report and send it via email.
  • Display and navigating through images by an interactive slider.
  • Zoom , pan , rotation and distance measurement through two-fingers drag and pinch.
  • Changing window width / window level through single finger drag.
  • Reset to default image through double tapping.
  • Automatic image importing.
  • Display cine (multi-frame) images.

Compatible with iPad/iPhone. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

iPaxera has not received 510(K) clearance by the FDA yet and until then, iPaxera should only be used for non-significant risk studies.

What’s new in this version:

  • Voice recording report.
  • Query Retrieve using DICOM compliant C-GET/C-Move protocol.
  • Registration and Login screen.
  • Importing .zip files with or without password.
  • Uploading images anonymously to Facebook associated with the user comments.

Download: AvailableOnAppStoreLogo googleplay

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