Paxeramed HL7-Dicom Server

Paxeramed’s HL7-DICOM server “PaxeraBroker” is the ideal solution to connect the imaging department (radiology, cardiology, etc.) to any Hospital Information System “HIS” using HL7 messaging protocol. PaxeraBroker enables reservations and orders taking place at the hospital reception to be seamlessly transferred to the imaging department. PaxeraBroker also allows the billing and inventory reports produced by the imaging department to be transferred to the HIS so that they can be archived inside the Electronic Health Record “EHR”. PaxeraBroker also manages the DICOM basic modality worklist and MPPS transactions to conclude the integration part of the complete HIS/RIS/PACS environment. PaxeraBroker supports the DICOM management classes to assure the maximum integration capability between the information systems “HIS and RIS” and the imaging systems “PACS” in the form of updated data and statuses of patients, studies, images and reports. PaxeraBroker can be set up as a standalone transparent server installed alongside the PACS server or it can be integrated as a part of any paxeramed product (such as PaxeraView and PaxeraRIS) to work as either a broker-enabled or broker-less solution.


  • Supports all DICOM management classes.
  • Supports HL7 to DICOM conversion and vice versa.
  • Handles the integration between PACS/RIS and HIS environments.
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