Paxeramed Radiology Information System

 At a glance:

PaxeraRIS is a radiology information system that any healthcare facility can implement. Whether it is for a small radiology center or a large complex multi-sited medical center, PaxeraRIS is the perfect fit. PaxeraRIS separates itself from competitors because of its ability to seamlessly integrate into all infrastructure setups and its intuitive, user-friendly web interface.

  • Seamless integration with the PaxeraServer (PACS) solution from Paxeramed.
  • Multi-level data entry for the new job orders.
  • Job order handling and retrieval of studies for the local or remote branches.
  • Web-enabled interface.
  • Powerful multi-level patient directory that supports multi-level studies.
  • Fast and flexible search tool to quickly retrieve the required studies.
  • Visual reservation calendar with color-coded slots that facilitates job-order placement in a quick, intuitive and efficient manner.
  • Reservation slots can be modified visually (delete, change time/date, copy, etc.).
  • Multiple views for displaying the job orders (machines per day, jobs per machine).
  • Easily customizable knowledgebase database that hold the information of the medical center (rooms, machines, procedures).
  • Support of medical insurance providers and referring physicians.
  • Restriction tool that enables handling of machines’ maintenance issues within the facility (no reservation for a machine if it is being under maintenance).
  • Supports of various payment methods (cash, insurance, installments, etc.).
  • Complete cash flow management including full payments, partial payments, applied discounts, refunds, etc.
  • Powerful and enhanced inventory module that supports the medical item stock inside the medical facility; track the consumption and generate the corresponding reports.
  • Visual report designer that is fully integrated with PaxeraReport; a fully-featured reporting module.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Compliant with DICOM 3.0 standards.
  • Supports HL7 protocol for full integration with HL7 compliant HMIS’s.
  • Enhanced security for patient data protection and HIPAA compliant.


  • Detailed Patient Database contains patient information [name, id , phone, address, age, sex, height, weight, …],
    exam info. [exam, study, date, time, doctor, referral, … ].
  • Patient appointments reservation.
  • Automatic appointments scheduling.
  • Visits job order management.
  • Visual Reservations.
  • One click sort and fast find search and query routines.
  • Archive patients on a backup media [CD-R, MOD or Tape].
  • Import patients and transactions from any previously stored media.


  • Detailed examination information.
  • Examination Doctors information.
  • Referral Doctors information.
  • Technician information.
  • Examination rooms information.

Billing and Accounting:

  • Handling examination pricing for each modality.
  • Billing management.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Examination contracts management [pricing, billing, …].
  • Examination doctors accounting.
  • Technicians accounting.
  • Referral doctors accounting.
  • Accounting analysis reports for each examination room and modality.


  • Item information with expiry dates management.
  • General Inventory operations.
  • Suppliers information and management.
  • Analysis reports for items, suppliers and inventory.
  • Inventory stocks management.


  • Reports printing
  • Labels printing.
  • Printing in A4 portrait or any other size.
  • Printing multiple copies.
  • Statistical data and query printing.


  • Envelope labels containing patient and examination information
  • Labeling each film with patient Information [e.g. Conventional X-ray ]


  • Integrated with MiReport to handle report editing, dictating.

DICOM Network [Option]:

  • DICOM Worklist Server [SCP].
  • Integration with Millentech Vision Tools and PACS.
  • Handles all Dicom Management Classes using MiBroker interface.


  • Patients database is HL7 compatible.
  • Third Party PACS/HIS integration.
  • HL7 messages using MiBroker interface.


  • Multilingual interface
  • Arabic / English name translation using automatic learning dictionary for the Arabic version


  • Multi-user interface.
  • Each user has its own profile and rights.
  • Enterprise Edition has multi-site support.

Echo Reporting:

  • Integrated with the main patient directory.
  • Easy-to-use interface with easy controls for less typing and more productivity.
  • Write reports for Rheumatic, Congenital and Ischemic Heart Diseases all from within the same interface.
  • Customizable report layout and information.
  • Automatically generates the completed report for easy report printing and distribution.

Adding Orders:

  • Multi-level data entry for new patients.
  • Capability of placing new orders in other connected branches.
  • Emergency registration feature to quickly add a new job order for patients arriving in emergency state.
  • Documents related to the newly entered job order can be scanned and attached to that order using the scan feature.

Patient Directory:

  • Multi-level patient directory that supports multi-visit studies.
  • Powerful and fast search using different criteria such as the patient name, ID, birth date, SSN, study ID. The search can be done using the full information or just part of it.
  • The capability to search the directory of a connected remote branch.

Inventory Management:

  • Main and secondary inventories that hold the stock of the radiology facility.
  • Supports information entry for the suppliers, units and items.
  • Managing items in the inventory by adding new items and dispatching items to other secondary inventories.
  • Consumption management either manually or automatically.
  • On-screen customizable alarms for the about-to-expire items and low inventory.


  • Report designer
  • Various accounting reports (general income, order details, insurance claims, patient debtors, returns, discounts, referring physicians, etc.)
  • Statistical reports for the different aspects of performance.
  • Inventory reports.
Cath Reporting:

  • Integrated with the main patient directory.
  • Easy-to-use interface with easy controls for less typing and more productivity.
  • Manages every stage of the cath procedure: patient history, diagnosis, intervention and post-procedure outcome.
  • Standard cardiac diagrams with point-and-click options for easy operation.
  • Customizable report layout and information.
  • Automatically generates the completed report for easy report printing and distribution.


  • PaxeraCIS is fully integrated with PaxeraServer (PACS solution from Paxeramed).
  • Integration with all DICOM enabled modalities and PACS systems that support DICOM worklist and DICOM MPPS.
  • Integration with any HL7 compliant HMIS.


  • HIPAA compliant
  • User accounts with multi-level access to the system.
  • Automatically log-off a user after being idle for a certain period of time. This time is configurable.


  • Visual calendar with color-coded slots that facilitates job-order entry in a quick, intuitive and efficient manner.
  • Occupancy meter under each modality to give a visual hint about the availability of that particular modality in that day.
  • Display job orders from a local or a remote connected branch.
  • Reservation slots can be modified, deleted, copied or moved to another time slot.

Billing and Accounting:

  • Support of various payment methods (cash, insurance, etc.).
  • Complete cash flow management including full payments, partial payments, applied discounts, etc.
  • Complete control over the amounts due for the different job orders along with a powerful searching tool.

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