Zero footprint PACS web viewer

Zero footprint PACS

 web viewer

UltimaLite is a powerful and cost effective PACS solution that has been designed for smaller clinics and facilities. Access Patient images from any browser or operating system with the zero footprint (ZFP) diagnostic viewer that requires no plug-in; and navigate amongst studies easily with the consolidated worklist.

The solution optimizes ease of use with fast study retrieval and viewing performance, resulting in a streamlined workflow.




Switch today and benefit from a unified worklist and zero footprint viewer

Zero Footprint viewer

  • User friendly and intuitive design
  • No plugins required
  • Leave no trace


Navigate easily between current and prior studies of a patient using the patient history timeline, and compare multiple studies side by side

Enjoy a comprehensive set of image handling tools, including: measurements, annotations, true size, inversion, rotation, zoom, pan, and magnify, and region-of-interest (ROI)

Adjust the Window width / window level (WW/WL) manually with user-friendly mouse functionality; or have an automatic precedence

       Use Position Synchronization to track the exact coordinate with multi-view images; and auto-link images of the same orientation to scroll through simultaneously

Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR) for advanced viewing of MRI and CT studies

Automatic Cine Tool for playback viewing with adjustable speed for the frames per second

Create, edit, and save customized hanging protocol

Universal Access

  • Access images and information at the point of care, from any workstation or mobile device
  • View different file formats from virtually all specialties, including non-DICOM files
  • View medical images on any platform or device of your choice

Reporting and Filming tools

  • Built-in reporting enables users to create, edit, view, save and dictate reports from any device
  • Create customized films using the film tool, with options to print and save the film

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